February 12, 2010

Temperature Change

Me and Andrea climbed to the top of a not so big moutain area, and as I was about to take a picture of her, I caught this duo.

Turns out, the sun casts quite a shadow.

Mark, Stevie, and Nick scoopin/scraping out sayregnar. I did work too, but I had to flick it too.

Now we come to more recent times. I passed by this guy the other day, counting tons and tons of money on 23rd. I should have kept the camera out longer, because this isn't even a fraction of how much he had.

To very recent times, snowing on Con Ed. They probably got shit on later in the day.

Some peeps sledding.

Same two, but this one was caught at a completely weird time.


Just finished the next roll, more snow pictures to come.

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