December 31, 2009

Latest Roll.

Narrated repost:

This is the sick fried chicken spot. The guy in the window was grilling me about him being in the picture, he was super gone.

I like this covered church.

This guy is about to rip shit up.

This is Nick, while ripping shit up.

I always try to find these nice still puddles, it rarely happens.

Me and Nick stumbled upon this large pile of sorted glass, everyday occurance.

More glass.

December 20, 2009

Mixed Bunch.

This post is very non-cohesive

Almost forgot to add this gem in here. I saw this while walking home one day, fresh off the chopping block of life I suppose, or maybe he was just taking a break. PS, Sorry Emily and Drifter.
I wouldnt say that this photo is the best reproduction possible, but this is my latest painting still life. Very subtle social messages in here. 20x20 oil.
Some pictures of Geissler I've been hiding for a couple months now.

Some little kid walking into my building, thats why I like having my old P&S on me, no focusing or thinking.

Failed Nick photo, there arent many, na say.

December 16, 2009

Night Train

Me and Eric Baca were listening to a supposed funk show on the radio, and we were upset with its level of funk. So I called up to put in a request and told him to shout us out. I recorded it to cassette, then on to here. And here it is:

Radio Shout

December 11, 2009

Some Things

Another in-class nude model painting. This is 12x16 oil on canvas. I like this one better than the last one I posted, more believeable form, something.

My most recent skate photo. I don't photo much in the city, but Pad brought me out with the equipment to catch this sweet smith after a day of getting kicked out of everywhere.

I've been on an internet strike lately.

December 4, 2009


This was in my drawing class, held at Grand Central Station that day. I think this set of drawings came out pretty good. Prettyyy, prettyyy, pretty good.

This one...ehhhh

December 3, 2009

Sketch Ed's Head

In 2007 I entered a Transworld Mag contest to draw Ed Templeton. This was my entry, I made it into the top 20 and onto the Transworld website, but didn't get printed. Someone just told me that they saw this on the TumYeto site, so I searched it, then found it on the Emerica site. I'm psyched. Its kind of like I won, but not really!

November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Break Productivity

Nick Immediato. Nothin pretty about this photo, just what you need. Nothing more. I like that.
Cus, with stranger lurking in the back. I think he was psyched that there was someone in the back, because he purposely tried that once before this try.
John Cruz. This photo was a lot of trouble. Due to wind, both flashes hit the ground, hard. Broke a tripod, wireless trigger, flash facades, and my pride. We continued on though, one flash out for the count. John killed it, he put in some serious work for this.
Nick again. Tight photo for a tight wall-box.
This is a little Photoshop collage, so Nick and I can remember the note we left the building we did this behind. They kicked us out a few days early, so we felt obliged to slip them a copy of the picture, with a note on the back.

November 24, 2009

New Yashica Photos

More to come from me and nick.
This is my favorite of her visit.
Close, but no coach.
I met a hand model, so I needed to get a picture.

This guy!



New "music"! So this is made from a bunch of different recordings from one tape. Taped in Philly and NY. Its obviously a story of the human struggle. This is about the third version of this because the files kept magically disappearing as the first night went on, but I thought it was good enough to make again.

Audio Two is just the labeling for this post, but they were also a good rap dou. Just for the heads up on that.

November 23, 2009

almost complete, not quite

about 7x10 acrylic on watercolor paper

November 19, 2009

Average Thursday

some sizzurp
slicing up that apple like it was butter

Taken with the old P&S. A whole 3.2mp. I'm cool with that though. Its such a relief from manual cameras. You kind of just point, then shoot. Oh, and she totally knew I was taking these...

November 18, 2009

Church charcoal chillin'

18x24 charcoal on papa
St Pete whadup!

November 17, 2009

But Goodies

hand shadow

my nose after death

For lack of anything other material at this time, here's two of my favorite things I made last year. I'll make new stuff soon, I have new things, I just don't feel like uploading pictures and audio at 1am.

November 10, 2009

$30 Digital

cheap price. cheap looking?

November 9, 2009

Don't Call Me Isosceles!!!

Update of an earlier sketch. This time I gave him my hairy legs and pits.

November 7, 2009

Analog Age

oil, 16x20.

My painting midterm. I decided to base it around all of the outdated equipment
I use. I don't know if this photograph represented the painting so accurately, its a little dark in places, but I couldn't seem to fix it. I'm kind of sad that a radio isn't included, but I did paint radio waves in there.

November 6, 2009


My cousin Donny illustrates book covers, and he asked if I had any zombie friends that I can take pictures of. So I took this picture of Doug, Jamie, Mark, Steve, and Chris. You can see bits and pieces of everyone except for Mark.

thanks andrea, for the heads up on posting this.

Recent Roll: a little shaky

These guys, putting up those flappy things.
This picture seemed like a great idea at the time.

I dont know if you know about these guys, but they're nuts. They post up all around the city and count people. That thing he has his hands on is the counter, and they tally busses, cars, and people as they go by. Only Russians do it. No one else can handle it. Here's an article on them:

November 2, 2009

October 28, 2009

New Season, Some New Photos

Nick, doin it big with a flip trick

Torrado, landing this heelflip about 7 times.
Golf course round1.5
Ledge to gap at the end of the day.