March 29, 2011

My Dog SteveLo

A beautiful portrait of Mr. Torrado on the river. Happy film mistake took this one for a ride.

Tom Lelo skate photo, an honor and a pleasure. He's so stylistic.

Ears down everybody, you've done something wrong.

March 23, 2011

Rx, PO

Waiting in the doctors office. What a group. When we get old, will we wear the same style of clothes today's old people wear? I feel like that may never evolve.

Bloomfield Post Office. The people who own these P.O. boxes are probably just as old as the people in the doctors office. I believe everyone gets issued a P.O box at age 65.

March 22, 2011


DC collage made from a free tour guide. Collages are a ton of fun.

March 21, 2011


Caught this kid on 23rd street, crying in the middle of the sidewalk alone, no big deal

March 14, 2011

Fun Time Skateboarding

Money Cruz, with a sweet tailslide on a ledge we made skateable by ripping a piece of perfect angle iron out of the ground and placing it on top. Props to my dads Jeep in the back, and the now abandon dealership where he bought it.

Tone Zone with a hippie hop over the rail. Havent taken a vertical skate photo in a long time. Tony called me with the plan in the morning, we gathered a small morning crew, and followed through with our plans

March 11, 2011

Recent Rolls: No Cohesion

Snow is such garbage.

Statue at the Beacon.

This happens.

Children of the Corn still exist.

John Ruggeri, giving the warm up drawing. I'm very happy I took this photo, later on down the road I'll be even more psyched.

CEO getting his party on.

Magic carpets have a mind of their own when that wind blows.

Just got traded up a camera with a friend and its getting me repsyched on taking pictures of everything. I hope these make sense