July 17, 2009

The Mini

Nick, killin' it behind the lens.
Nick and Tone, BFFL
Tone, Stimulus PRO

Metal plug

July 14, 2009

Middle Schoolin' It

This is straight middle school day. I feel the improvements coming, feel them. We got...Nick, Steve, Tornado, John, Tone, Nick, the crew

July 7, 2009

My first oblong sports object

So, my high school always calls me back to make commemorative balls, yes, balls. I dont have pictures of them because I forget, but so far I've done 6 baseballs, 2 basketballs, 2 volleyballs, and now 1 discus. They usually have me make doubles of each, one for the kid, one for the display case, but this time it was only one. This one definitely beats the others anyway.

done with white out pen, black-inky-type-pens-you-like-to-use-in-school-then-always-manage-to-lose-in-a-week-pen, and paint markers. also some acrylic to touch up mistakes and a warning sticker on the blue paint.

fireworks coming soon, guy from PA.

July 1, 2009

the crazies

I saw Ron Jeremy in Times Square, Andrea snapped this one. I actually touched him, gross.

This guy looked cool, so I followed him with the camera for a while.

He was knitting something. Yarn!

This chick didnt look like a bum till she started doing this shit in Washington Sq.

I told this dude to hit me with his best b-boy stance, and oh man did I get it.