December 17, 2010

Crowded Cat Sparks

A minimal view of the new meadowlands stadium.

No, no beer for you cat, put your paw down, right now.


December 11, 2010

Rear Windows

For a while I was real into doing this. riding around and finding car's rear windows with nice reflections of buildings in them. After more misses than hits, I think I may be over it, but I enjoyed doing it

December 7, 2010

December 5, 2010

West Coast Slide

Some out-the-window shooting.

First view of the pacific.

These are from March 2009 on a San Diego with Ms. Geissler. Still some of my favorite.

December 2, 2010

Eric Dermond

Mr. Dermond, frontside rock and roll

November 24, 2010

November 20, 2010

New Coat

I'm never really one to make diptychs out of photos, but this one was begging for it. I didn't expect the guy to spot me on the second photo, I thought I was being slick. As soon as he looked down I snapped it and skated away, thinking he was going to jump down or something.

I promise, no more photos till some illustration goes up

November 18, 2010

Longer Exposures

Could be stars, could be scanner dust. Up to you.

Ms Forte.

More Illustration work just over the horizon.

November 10, 2010

4th and D

Long story to tell. Maybe later.

1st Case of Mono


At first I wasn;t too into this one, but I think I like it for other reasons than I made it. Its one of those things you have to stare at because the color hurts

November 6, 2010


Look how pretty Rozbo is.

November 2, 2010


This was inspired by a series of unhappy MTA clerks.

Or you can walk.

A while ago I posted the early stages of this plate. Here's the final result.

I there are any etchings on my blog that you happen to like, they can be yours for a small price. Email me,

October 27, 2010

I Contact

This guy was interesting. He initialy thoguht I didn't speak english. I've always suspected that I look foreign. He confirmed it. His name is Derek. He's upset with racial tensions.


Put your 3D glasses on. Crowded day on a bus. After missing 5 due to crowding, I picked a winner.

October 26, 2010

The Animal Post

Its strange when a cat really locks eyes with a camera.

This isn't the best photograph, but I had quite the time feeding the animals with this woman.

The animals had quite the time feeding off of me

October 24, 2010

Bush Diving

Fun photo me and Rozbo shot. Shout to Tony and BJ for being light stands

One at a Time

1st Ave stop on the L

Memomry class. I think I remember this one..

Gionna'a staircases' view

Very emotional, no?

October 20, 2010

Shindig Life

Two prints of the Shindig "S" that I made. They're slightly larger than business cards. It represents all things Shindig, all things good.

October 19, 2010


Side A (click)

Side B (click)

I labeled some other cassette on here as #9, that was wrong, I can't really remember which that was. This is a good one, list to this while you're working on stuff.

October 13, 2010

Nude Woman Etching

This is an etching plate that I got ready to work on more, but when I looked at it, I realized i kind of liked it in its current state. So I needed to scan it in before its gone forever.

October 11, 2010

Taco Woman

Rozbo, showing this ledge some quick love in Jersey Ctiy. Apparently I'm on a skyline binge.

Mr. Eric Dermond with the Blunt 180. Rarely do I get to take natural light photos of skating, its a pleasure everytime.

October 7, 2010

Back from Hiatus.

Nick Immediato, can't get enough of these dangerous bridge photos. Its been too long, more skate photos to come in the future, I promise.

September 30, 2010

Turned Around

Another product from craft night at Ms Forte's place. Got accidentally creative with a mixed technique of butane transfers/matte medium stripping of sorts. 

September 26, 2010

Lookin Good

I'm probably gonna post Ron up here whenever I have a photo of him. He's the man

What a tag team this was. Its the shorts that are really important here.

Talked to this man for a bit, big fan of plastic bags.

Car window.