February 28, 2010

Have a Voice for TV

'Graffiti' MTV M Launch from Post Millennium on Vimeo.

You may not have known, but I'm an international graffiti superstar. You can catch me heavy in europe, where you can see graffiti without seeing it? I may have been rambling a bit. Peep the Walrus.

February 25, 2010

Fock Em'

Back in September me John and DanV lit this cop car on fire downtown. It was a pretty crazy thing to do, but we got it like that.
We didn't really start it but we were right there when it began.

February 21, 2010

Stacked Crew

Paul, hittin the ollie up to wallride. We talked about getting a wallride shot at night, and we ended up with this in the morning. Not a bad deal.

Derm, killin' this bench to tailslide. It kind of looks like theres duct tape on the bench in the photo. Weird. This is so gnarly.

Mr. Wilson has a photo coming once the roll of film finishes up. Bad news, just noticed a little switch on my camera wasn't flipped, so the flash might not have synced up with the shot. I bummed, it'll come out good, just not as good. Sick day, sick crew. Staystackin.com

Almost forgot about this cell phone footage: Mr. Wilson at the ladyledge

February 15, 2010


12x18ish Acrylic on masonite

These colors were extremely hard to reproduce, hopefully I've convinced you of them.

February 12, 2010

Snow Plowin'

Dude, walking.

This one might be a little too cool for my liking, I still think its a cool picture.

I hate the lady on the front of the bus so much. Worst weather lady in history. Whose name is "Churchie". Gross.

So these guys gave me a dirty look the first time I went to take a picture of them (I think because they were illegally dumping shit in that dumpster) so I kept walking. But then I thought about how much energy it would take for that guy to hop off of there and kick my ass, so I went back. But when I was taking this shot, the man most left threw a snowball at me, you can see him with the arm still hangin'.

An awning before it went up, I just thought it looked odd on the ground. This guy was totally postin' up for this photo. Chump.

These girls looked super retarded today, nothing like standing idle on corners with your phones.

I just noticed both these kids are in exactly the same spot in their stride.

So is it weird of me to be taking these pictures of little kids? No, right?

Temperature Change

Me and Andrea climbed to the top of a not so big moutain area, and as I was about to take a picture of her, I caught this duo.

Turns out, the sun casts quite a shadow.

Mark, Stevie, and Nick scoopin/scraping out sayregnar. I did work too, but I had to flick it too.

Now we come to more recent times. I passed by this guy the other day, counting tons and tons of money on 23rd. I should have kept the camera out longer, because this isn't even a fraction of how much he had.

To very recent times, snowing on Con Ed. They probably got shit on later in the day.

Some peeps sledding.

Same two, but this one was caught at a completely weird time.


Just finished the next roll, more snow pictures to come.

February 9, 2010


I've been wanting to post this for a while, but always forgot to. Its my roommates kitchen experiment of extracting hydrogen from water.