February 12, 2010

Snow Plowin'

Dude, walking.

This one might be a little too cool for my liking, I still think its a cool picture.

I hate the lady on the front of the bus so much. Worst weather lady in history. Whose name is "Churchie". Gross.

So these guys gave me a dirty look the first time I went to take a picture of them (I think because they were illegally dumping shit in that dumpster) so I kept walking. But then I thought about how much energy it would take for that guy to hop off of there and kick my ass, so I went back. But when I was taking this shot, the man most left threw a snowball at me, you can see him with the arm still hangin'.

An awning before it went up, I just thought it looked odd on the ground. This guy was totally postin' up for this photo. Chump.

These girls looked super retarded today, nothing like standing idle on corners with your phones.

I just noticed both these kids are in exactly the same spot in their stride.

So is it weird of me to be taking these pictures of little kids? No, right?

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  1. those phone girls shoulda been going home with me