December 20, 2009

Mixed Bunch.

This post is very non-cohesive

Almost forgot to add this gem in here. I saw this while walking home one day, fresh off the chopping block of life I suppose, or maybe he was just taking a break. PS, Sorry Emily and Drifter.
I wouldnt say that this photo is the best reproduction possible, but this is my latest painting still life. Very subtle social messages in here. 20x20 oil.
Some pictures of Geissler I've been hiding for a couple months now.

Some little kid walking into my building, thats why I like having my old P&S on me, no focusing or thinking.

Failed Nick photo, there arent many, na say.

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  1. thanks for the input. i told them today. maybe it will be a birthday present next year. i look worried in that picture.