November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Break Productivity

Nick Immediato. Nothin pretty about this photo, just what you need. Nothing more. I like that.
Cus, with stranger lurking in the back. I think he was psyched that there was someone in the back, because he purposely tried that once before this try.
John Cruz. This photo was a lot of trouble. Due to wind, both flashes hit the ground, hard. Broke a tripod, wireless trigger, flash facades, and my pride. We continued on though, one flash out for the count. John killed it, he put in some serious work for this.
Nick again. Tight photo for a tight wall-box.
This is a little Photoshop collage, so Nick and I can remember the note we left the building we did this behind. They kicked us out a few days early, so we felt obliged to slip them a copy of the picture, with a note on the back.

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  1. haha these photos are sweet, especially the note. and yes they can still fit but they're so fat. you'll see her soon.