September 17, 2010

Peter Heinemann

My first year drawing teacher, Peter Heinemann, recently died this week. He was an awesome guy, lots of ridiculous quotes from him are scribbled in my sketch book. He was quite the cool guy.
This is a drawing I worked on for about 5 weeks in his class, measuring all the items I drew, side my side. This drawing is about 4'x6', a huge drawing, very hard to photograph. These objects pretty much represent him, they made an appearance in another drawing of mine that was on here before:
Filled with all the same objects.

And lastly, here is his last speech to us as a class, its a funny little story. Click to listen:

PS, the Shindig Pigeon board was also inspired by a Peter painting in which a cat's asshole was shown, disturbing everyone that looked at it


  1. I am an old friend of Peter's and want to thank you for this perfect tribute. Your words and art captured him beautifully. And, finally, you have no idea what a gift posting that monologue was to me. As some who never heard Peter the Teacher, you added a new dimension of his personality. Can't think of a better send up. Thanks. (BTW, I also wrote something about him on a recent blog, if you want to add more dimensions for yourself.)

  2. Starting a Peter Heinemann blog if you're interested or have anything to contribute:

  3. I knew Peter for many years and he was a wonderful story teller. Thank you for another story wonderfully told! Peace to all.

  4. Thanks for posting this. I'm Peter's first cousin and had no idea that he existed until after his death. It gives me some sense about who he was.

    Michael Heinemann
    St. Johnsbury, VT