March 4, 2010

Another Couple Rolls

Josh Wilson throwin' down this 5050 with ease. Check the footage out on

I was walking home one night, and I saw this dog, and for some reason it looked really nice, it was just really white. So I asked the lady if I could take their picture.

I hung out in this fish place for about a forty five actual minutes waiting for these two pictures. I think I'll give it another shot one day

I was talking to this guy for a while. No idea what he was really talking about but I know whatever it was, it was pretty funny.

Time to get a little funky:

So I took the following pictures on a camera much like the one shown below. Just a simple, old point and shoot. I think these were all taken last summer? and possibly the summer before that also. Its takes 127 film, and its no problem to get it developed, but it is a problem to get it printed or scanned. So, here are shitty scans of the contact sheet I had made.

This is Tony Sandwiches after doing somehting on the jersey barriers on rt17.

Flowers I must have thought were pretty. If you look real close, you can see Andrea in the background somewhere.

Me and Andrea visited Paris, heres that arch.

Stick crossing on the way to the cliff jump.

Andrea in the airport.

My grandpa sitting at his kitchen table. I have about 20 of this same photo.

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