January 7, 2010

Across Space and Time

Alright, this is by far the biggest and longest spanning mix of shit. Here we go:

I dont know what happened with these streaks, but I think they made this picture. Without them this would be a boring picture, I just wish I knew how this happened so I can do it again.

Streaks poked their head across to this picture, they might not work so well here but I still think this is a sick one. Wish that parking meter wasn't there.
This was in Houston when I was visiting my cousin, and new second cousin. Da baby so cute.

I just thought this was so strange, it was just a normal parking lot with color coordinated cars.

This is an alright plane shot, plane shots are lame most of the time, this is no exception. Houston>Phoenix

Now in Touson, on the top of a hill at sunset.

Heres Andrea Geissler at the same sunset.

Andrea spotted this sweet sign down a road and went for it. Props to that mountain range in the corner.

Pinball machine at the bowling alley. Seeing this really made my day!

Me and the Misses grocery shopping.

Parking garage sunset from Tempe.

Grabbin for that produce drawer.
We took a trip to Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon. Here she is, striking a pose in front of some geological formations. Check out the Arizona snow.

A shot of Sedona, not the best one ever taken, but a picture none the less.
Alright, so those were the highlights of 3rolls of film. Digital flicks are next, they just need to be sorted, because even this many photos is bordering on too many to concentrate on.

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